Learn natural Tagalog from the get-go.

Spaced repetition and in-context learning combined into a dead simple, easy-to-use app that will take you from zero to understanding natural Tagalog in record time.

If I just memorize enough words then I will be able to understand Tagalog. Right? Right??

In theory yes... but no. Doing lots of memorization using tools like flashcards is useful, but it will only help you see the trees, not the forest. Language learning is all about finding your way in the forest.


memorize 1000 most common words


find out it's not enough to start reading


never see the words used in the wild


words leaving your brain

The fast track to understanding Tagalog using topics you care about.

  • Select a topic you are interested in. Don't worry about difficulty; the app will figure out how to provide you plenty of comprehensible input, so can make progress on any topic, regardless of your current level or vocabulary.
  • Using your personal student model, the algorithm provides tailored exercises to help you make progress towards your chosen topic. It introduces new items when needed, rehearses old items when relevant, and skips items you likely already know.
Screenshot of the Topic Menu


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Currently, we are focused on Tagalog. We will add other languages in the future. Let us know which language you would like to see next.

  • We are constantly adding new topics. Let us know what topics you would like to see and we will add them to the app.

  • A subscription comes with a 7 day free trial period. You can cancel your subscription at any time during the trial period and you will not be charged.

  • Cool, use the chat to get in touch with us.


Start seeing the forest for the trees.